Buy your own block Whiddy Island Hall

 No In an initiative to help finance the new Whiddy Island Hall, we are selling off blocks to be used in the build. For each block bought your name will appear on the block in the finished building.

The blocks are on sale at the price of 100€ each, please help in the construction of the islands hall, and have your name appear on it for future generations.

The following is a list of names of the people who have bought blocks so far. This list will be updated regularly as people buy more blocks.


  1. Breda Lymer
  2. Breda Lymer
  3. Breda Lymer
  4. Breda Lymer
  5. Breda Lymer
  6. Breda Lymer
  7. Breda Lymer
  8. Breda Lymer
  9. Breda Lymer
  10.  Breda Lymer
  11.  Seán O’Leary
  12.  Maighréad O’Leary
  13.  Noreen O’Leary
  14.  Mary Ross
  15.  Donal Ross
  16.  Danny O’Leary
  17.  Danny O’Leary
  18.  Danny O’Leary
  19.  Danny O’Leary
  20.  Danny O’Leary
  21.  Danny O’Leary
  22.  Danny O’Leary
  23.  Danny O’Leary
  24.  Danny O’Leary
  25.  Danny O’Leary
  26.  O’Learys of Bantry
  27.  Tim O’Leary
  28.  Tim O’Leary
  29.  Joan McSweeney
  30.  Dan Desmond
  31.  Jack Desmond
  32.  Margaret Furlong
  33.  Claire and Les Dear
  34.  James O’Leary
  35.  Pat Coughlan Agri.
  36.  Curly Hourihan 
  37.  James O’Leary 
  38.  Síle and Darren McCarthy 
  39.  Liam O’Leary
  40.  Albie Andrews
  41.  Connie O’Leary
  42.  Tadgh Furlong 
  43.  Alec O’Donovan 
  44.  Martin, Mary and the Murray Family
  45.  Tommy and Finn Walsh and Family
  46.  Eoin Furlong
  47.  John Casey
  48.  Brian O Rourke 
  49.  Tommy and Eileen Cunney
  50.  Caha Coaches
  51.  Mike and Frances Burke and Family, Pearl River, New York
  52.  John and Anna Hutchinson
  53.  The Hutchinsons, Jack, Danny, Ellie and Donogh, Dunbeacon
  54.   Bantry Blues GAA Club
  55.   Bantry Blues GAA Club
  56.   Bantry Blues GAA Club 
  57.  Stephen O’Donovan
  58.  Tommy O’Donoghue 
  59.  Martin Spillane 
  60.  Cillian Sheehan
  61.  Ann and Brendan O’Mahony
  62.  William and Kathleen Swanton 
  63.  Karen and Sharon Swanton 
  64.  Patrick, Elaine, Kevin, Darragh and Aisling Courtney
  65.  Patrick Courtney Ltd.
  66.  Patrick Courtney Ltd
  67.  Patrick Courtney Ltd
  68.  Patrick Courtney Ltd  
  69.  O’ Leary Design and Print
  70.  Jimmy Burke and Caroline Shillcock
  71.  Tommy Edgeworth 
  72.  Willie Joe and Rita Donaldson
  73.  Jim Collins
  74.  Pat Burke and Majella Gilman-Burke
  75.  Evan and Adam Gilman-Burke
  76.  Gavin and Luke Gilman-Burke
  77.  Simone and Shauna Gilman-Burke
  78.  Seán Bishop
  79.  Josephine Bishop
  80.  Bantry Driving Academy 
  81.  Pat and Louise Delaney
  82.  Connie and Irene O’Connor
  83.  Andrew & Jane Hodnett, Raheen, Bantry
  84.  Tom Spillane 
  85.  Padraig Desmond 
  86.  Euro Smart Discount Shop, Main St. Bantry
  87.  The Stuffed Olive, Bantry
  88.  The Stuffed Olive, Bantry
  89.  Eileen and Joe Coughlan
  90.  Timmy and Deirdre McCarthy
  91.  Brendan Burke and Family
  92.  Gordon and Siobhan O’Sullivan
  93.  Megan O’Connor
  94.  Shane Swanton
  95.  Denis and Una Coughlan 
  96.  Mike O’Leary
  97.  Ber O’Leary
  98.  James Courcey
  99.  Aileen Courcey
  100.   Eimer Courcey
  101.    Ciara Courcey
  102.    Áine Courcey
  103.    Seán Courcey 
  104.    Lochlan  McCarthy 
  105.    Eamonn McCarthy
  106.    Niall Twohig 
  107.    O’Connor Family, Rooska 
  108.    Kearney Family, Maughanaclee, Kealkil
  109.    Mike Wiseman, Caher, Bantry 
  110.    Majella and Eammon McCarthy   
  111.    Tim Coakely 
  112.    The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  113.    The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  114.    The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  115.    The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  116.    The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  117.    The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  118.    The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  119.    The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  120.    The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  121.    Bantry Hire and Sales Center 
  122.    Ellie and Jake Dear
  123.    The Dálaís and The Boneys 
  124.    Paddy O’Flynn Agri Contractor 
  125.    O’Donovan, Murphy and Partners 
  126.    Pasty and Mags O’Sullivan, Kealkill
  127.    Donal O’Sullivan, Cloonee, Durrus
  128.    Eugene and Angela Murnane
  129.    Mike, Ann and Gearoid Hurley, Gortdromagh, Bantry 
  130.    Liam Walsh 
  131.    John Delaney
  132.    Lorraine Delaney
  133.    Shane Delaney 
  134.    Sam Delaney 
  135.    Tara Delaney 
  136.     Louis and Ita
  137.    John, Sheila, Eillie and Seán O’Sullivan 
  138.    Rita and Bill Cunney, Kealkil
  139.    Jimmy O’Leary
  140.    Sam Kingston, Drinagh
  141.   The Quays Bar
  142.    Drinagh Co-Op
  143.    Drinagh Co-Op
  144.    Stephen Hourihan 
  145.    Paddy O’Keeffe
  146.    Jim O ‘Keeffe
  147.    Brian O’Keeffe
  148.    MSL Engineering Ltd.
  149.    MSL Engineering Ltd.
  150.    MSL Engineering Ltd.
  151.    MSL Engineering Ltd.
  152.    MSL Engineering Ltd.
  153.    Helen Courcey 
  154.    Shane Shannon
  155.    Patrick, Norma, Sophie and Dylan Daly, Letterlickey
  156. Sam, Noreen, Gavin, Sophie and Sam Óg O’Sullivan, Colomane West
  157. Francis and Angela Hourihane, and Family, Baurgorm
  158. PJ and Eileen Hourihane, and Family, Baurgorm
  159. F.P.P. Ltd.
  160. Theresa and Tony O’Leary
  161. Anita Schwarz
  162. Eoin Schwarz
  163. Marian and Patricia Burke
  164. Bernadette and Francis Burke
  165. Mark and Debbie Delaney
  166. Mark and Debbie Delaney
  167. The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  168. The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  169. The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  170. The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  171. The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  172. The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  173. The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  174. The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  175. The Yanks from America – The O’Leary Clan
  176. Timmy O’Sullivan & Family, Ballycommane, Durrus
  177. Johnny Burke, Kilmore, Whiddy Island and Parade Field, Bantry
  178. Robin Atticus Hamilton
  179. The Family of the late Peggy O’Regan (nee O’Leary), Kilmore, Whiddy Island
  180. Maureen Hourihan
  181. Brenda Hourihan
  182. Kathleen and Bruce Tessyman
  183. Gerry and Marian Monaghan
  184. Fundy Shellfish Products Ltd.
  185. Merlin Tanner
  186. Danny Collins
  187. Nell Fox
  188. Dermot and Mary Daly, Bantry and Florida
  189. Bernie, John, Rachel, James and John Jr. Crowley
  190. J.J. Crowley’s Bar
  191. Taidgh and Mason Campbell
  192. Angie Fleming
  193. Christy Minehane
  194. The Twohig Family
  195. Richie Reynolds
  196. Alan Reynolds 
  197. Bantry – Whiddy Island Coursing Club
  198. The Collins Brothers, Coolanuller
  199. Eileen and Brendan Minihane
  200. Erika Loughlin 
  201. Liam and Mary Cunney, Kealkill, Ballingeary and Sydney
  202. Declan Barron 
  203. Charlie Boston and Susan Moloney
  204. Andy, Chiara, Laina & Jayne Maher
  205. Diarmuid McCarthy, Seskin
  206. Teddy Deasy
  207. Judge Con O’Leary and Geraldine
  208. Wade Westwood
  209.  Charlos, Sukie and Christine
  210. Anne (Hannah) O’Leary
  211.  Margaret O’Leary (nee O’Sullivan)
  212. Eli Tanner & Claire O’Sullivan (Big Dan).
    Amelia, Christie
  213. The Cronin (Cupps) Family
  214. Eileen and Philip Wagstaff
  215. Eamon and Ann Wiseman, Joe and Deirdre Wiseman and Family Rooska
  216. Seán Burke
  217.  Fr. Joe McCarthy
  218. O’Mahony’s Caheragh and Bantry
  219. Gerald, Catherine and Stephen O’Mahony, Kilburn
  220. John and Marian Minehane
  221. Mike, Rose, Mick and Luke O’ Sullivan 

Bocks can also be bought and dedicated to the memory of somebody.                               The following is a list of these blocks and will be regularly updated as they are sold.    

  1. Jim O’Leary
  2. Jer and Ellie Shanahan, Mary Casey 
  3. Mick and Tess O’ Leary
  4. Denis and Nellie Burke Drishane
  5. Bill O’Donnell
  6. Tui O’Donnell
  7. Timmy, Miah, Con and Sam O’Sullivan (Close )
  8. Denny and Donal Burke 
  9. James and Maggie O’Leary (Close)
  10. Tommy and Josephine Aylmer 
  11. Denis, Eileen and Donie Burke (Crowangle South)
  12.  Con and Ellen O’Brien (Glounruin Kilcrohane)
  13.  Maureen Greene Minehane 
  14.  Jane Levis (Nee Burke), Drishane, Dunbeacon & Whiddy Island
  15.  Mort O’Sullivan
  16.  William O’Sullivan
  17.  Denis O’Leary
  18.  Peg O’Leary
  19.  John and Liz O’Sullivan
  20.  Eileen O’Grady
  21.  Tim and Anna O’Leary
  22.   Danny O’Leary (Close)
  23.   Mary O’Mahony (née Burke), Blackrock Rd and Whiddy Island
  24.  Allison O’Shea
  25.   Seán Cronin (Cupps)
  26.   Kitty O’Sullivan (née Burke), Beach and Whiddy Island
  27.  Danny and Maura Burke, Moulakieve and Whiddy Island
  28.   Christie and Mary Ellen Minehane, Crowangle, Whiddy Island
  29.   Gretta McDonald (née O’Leary) Wyoming and Close, Whiddy Island. 
  30.   Samuel and Sarah Vickery, Trawnahaha
  31.   Their daughter Bessie and William Warner (who she married)
  32.   Their five children Sarah, Esther, Samuel, William and Bessie Warner
  33.   William Warner (who married secondly) and Esther Warner
  34.   Their daughter Hester Warner
  35.   Gerry (John) and Ellen O’Sullivan, Garraha
  36.   Timothy O’Leary, Seafield, Bantry and Reenaknock, Whiddy Island
  37.   Tim and Mary O’Leary, Kealkill and Close,  Whiddy Island
  38.   Tacker from Linco 
  39.   Adam O’Leary, Duleek 
  40.   Tim and Margaret O’Leary, Close, Whiddy Island
  41.   Donie Sheehan
  42.   Donie Sheehan
  43.   Barry Desmond 
  44.   Seán McGrath 
  45.   Seán and Patrick Courcey, Whiddy Island 
  46. Lilly Griffin, Glenlough West
  47. Ger O and Johnny O’Sullivan, Garraha
  48. Frankie Whelton
  49. Jerry Burke, Crowangle
  50. Paddy and Kathleen Burke
  51. Kevin and Larry Burke
  52. John F. Burke, Crowangle, Whiddy Island
  53. Pat (Spannie) and Winnie Hurley
  54. Nora, Mai, Margaret, Eileen, Sheila, Breda, Timmy and Michael O’Leary, also Margaret and Denis (their parents) Reenacnoic, Whiddy Island
  55. Margaret Hanbury (nee O’Leary), Castlerea, Co. Roscommon and Reenacnoic, Whiddy Island
  56. Denis Burke (Kildare) and Julia (Lulu) Burke, Whiddy Island
  57. Donal and Christine Hutchinson, Blackrock Road, Bantry
  58. Lena and Florence O’Leary, Reenacnoic, Whiddy Island
  59. Jimmy and Peggy O’Regan (nee O’Leary), Kealanine
  60. James and Kate Cronin (Cupps)
  61. Tim and Minnie O’Leary, Kilmore, Whiddy Island
  62. Con and Lily O’Sullivan. Ballycommane, Durrus and formally of Whiddy Island
  63. Paudie Cronin (Cupps)
  64. Nellie O’Rourke (Burke)
  65. Anna Sheppard (Burke)
  66. The Goggin Family, Kilmore, Whiddy Island
  67. Laurie and Peg Harte, Bantry
  68. John and Katie Dolan (nee Goggin) Kilmore, Whiddy Island
  69. John Minihane, Tranaha, Whiddy Island
  70. Dylan McCarthy (Dálaí)
  71. Dan and Peggie O’Mahony, Cooldaniel, Toames, Macroom
  72. Jerry and Mary Daly and their 9 children, Kilmore , Whiddy
  73. Denis and Evelyn O’Driscoll
  74. Tim O’Driscoll
  75. Anne Healy (nee O’Driscoll)
  76. Paddy and Joan O’Driscoll
  77. Christy and Helen (nee O’Driscoll) Crowley 
  78. Tade and Maureen (nee O’Driscoll) Shanahan 
  79. Timothy and Kate Ann O’Driscoll (Kilmore and Tranaha)
  80. Larry Gogan
  81. Murty John O’Sullivan, Kilmore
  82. Patrick and Annie, John and Eileen Minehane, The Quays 
  83. Seán and Kitty Desmond 
  84. Jerry and Berna Ryan, Knocknanuss, Ballinascarthy
  85. Julia and Mick O’Leary, Whiddy and Swansea
  86. Noreen Keohane 
  87. Elliette & Maurice Steenssens

  88. Con and Kitty O’Leary, Newtown
  89. Derry Flynn 
  90. Mossie Quinlan, Jarama, 1937

  91. Remembering Connie O’Regan always, his loving family. 

  92. Michael and Maureen Ross, Clountiquirke, Dunmanway 
  93. Nora Desmond, Macroom
  94. The Gilman Family, Aughaville, Bantry
  95. Linda Margaret O’Leary, Duleek
  96. Denis O’Mahony, Caheragh and Julia O’Leary, Coosane
  97. Biddy O’Sullivan, Whiddy – Philadelphia 
  98. Jeremiah and Mary O’Sullivan, Garraha
  99. Lucy Cupps
  100. Noreen O’Leary, Close